Bronxton Wallets: Minimalistic, Functional, and Fashionable

Ever since the invention of paper money in the 1600s prompted the development of the wallet, men have been in search of a way to carry their essentials in slimmer, lightweight, but secure wallets. For four hundred years, wallet designers have strived to balance design, functionality, and sleekness. The invention of the credit card in the 1950s gave rise to the modern wallet with its multiple slots to carry cards. Until 1996, wallets remained unchanged until the development of the first evolutionary bi-fold wallet, which reduced the bulkiness of its predecessors by nearly half its size. Many wallets have numerous pockets that are great for storing necessary items, but can also allow people to accumulate a lot of junk very quickly.

Here at Bronxton Designs, we eliminate clunkiness by creating wallets that are minimalistic, fashionable and, most importantly, functional—and we do so in a range of styles. Our focus: design accessories that help you carry all daily essentials in true minimalist style. We develop two types of leather wallets: the “1222 Rule” wallets and the Stasher wallets. The 1222 Rule wallets carry the recommended essentials: one ID, two credit cards, two insurance cards (car and health), and two $20-dollar bills for emergencies. The Stasher wallets are for people who prefer or need to carry more than the recommended essentials.

With all our wallets we never rush, taking time to carefully design each wallet with our vision in mind. Using only the best materials, our products are designed and crafted from beginning to end in Park City, Utah, under our control. We have been successfully funded three times on Kickstarter since we fired up in 2014. With the help of our backers, we were able to purchase all the tools required to produce our wallets. Having our own tools allows us to keep everything in house from design to fulfillment. To expand our brand with new product lines, we need more tools for the job.